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THE KUNSHAN WAY ISBN:978-7-119-06432-1
Language:English Pages:
Price:¥108.00 Brief:
In China, Kunshan is just one of over 100 cities with over a million people. Twenty years ago it was a collection of rural towns and villages organized as a township; today it is the No.1 county-level city by GDP in China. How this meteoric transformation occurred is due to two factors, its proximity to Shanghai and the collection of innovative approaches and methods which make up the Kunshan Way. By reading this book, you will hear Kunshan’s story from the government and business leaders who have created it and the people who live there. You will have a better idea of how China uses its central planning/local implementation approach to drive its economy and how Chinese cities are organized. Just as importantly, you will learn about what lies beyond the numbers, what is unique about Kunshan, where the roots of its success came from and what it has to offer.

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